Isabel Wichert is in her early thirties and based in Berlin.

She enjoys experimenting with brush work but her preferred media is finger painting with acrylic paint, a technique that complements her bold exploration of colour.

Her artistic talents were discovered very recently during some art therapy sessions to help tackle her depression and low self-esteem. Her creativity and gifted use of colour became immediately evident in her very first piece, the beautifully vibrant ‘Flowers’.

Nature and the outdoors – flowers, forests, jungles and valleys, have remained a central theme in Isabel’s work, perhaps compensating for the fact that a series of phobias means she rarely leaves her house.

The opportunity to share her work more widely has now become a huge source of joy and motivation for Isabel. She almost gave up painting due to feelings of inadequacy, but through her own dedication and a promise from her brother Ryan that he would get her art seen by a larger audience, she continued her craft and limited edition prints are now available to purchase.

Her art work has been successfully chosen for exhibitions in London, NYC and Philadelphia.

When not painting, Isabel loves terribly cheesy German soap operas, unusual pizza combinations and German folk music…a passion she makes known to everyone by playing it very loudly for hours on end!


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