Jonathan Adkins – Director

Jonathan has been involved in the lives of young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, particularly those with Down syndrome, his entire life. His oldest sister Jennifer is a young adult with Down syndrome and he’s had the privilege to see her grow and develop into a thriving sister, daughter, friend, employee and community member. Jonathan has spent the last two school years in the Special Education Department of District 87 (Glenbard West and Glenbard East), where his primary focus has been the development of vocational and communication skills for students 10th-12th grades. His passion is leading and teaching young adults with DS and other IDD’s through successful employment experiences. He also shares a strong friendship/mentorship role with two NADS self-advocates: Casey Manzella and Miles Evans, who have been his fitness clients and companions on frequent community visits. Jonathan’s aim is to provide more opportunities for others with Down syndrome to share in the thriving community life.

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