mentorWe started the mentoring program in 1997 as a way of providing support to adults with Down syndrome who were feeling isolated. Mentors can help young adults make the transition from school to community and older adults become more involved in social networks where they live.  Mentors include parents of children with Down syndrome and other adults who are willing to share their time and experience. They offer friendship and guidance. One young woman with Down syndrome who participates in our mentoring program commented of her mentor, “She always makes me feel special. That’s what friends are for!”

We try to match mentors with an adult with Down syndrome who lives nearby. We ask that our mentors get together with their friend once a month and have a short telephone conversation every week or so.

Some of the activities our mentors and friends with Down syndrome have shared together include:

• Going out for lunch or dinner
• Movies or plays
• Miniature golf
• Botanic gardens
• Hockey games
• Visiting families

Contact NADS to learn more.

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