By Pat Meet my son Christopher: There are many things in life 34 year old Christopher enjoys. His family and friends, movies, music, and playing games on his PS3 are probably high on his list. I think he has every “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band” gam... Read more

By Cara “Your baby brother has Down syndrome.” These words were daunting in association with the cute little boy my parents had just brought home to join our family. As we gathered in the family room, “oohing “and “ahhing,” passing Ryan from o... Read more

By Emily When “Pomp and Circumstance” echoes through an auditorium, gym, or hall, it marks a time of accomplishment and celebration. On June 4th, this timeless song echoed through St. Thomas of Villanova church as my sister Karlee made her way down th... Read more

By Jackie If I could choose only one word to sum up Gina, my daughter with Down syndrome, it would be “joy”!  I know that it might sound strange to choose the word “joy” to describe a child with a disability, but I choose to focus on the joy she ... Read more

By Marianne Tyler was born January 30, 1999 at 12:05 A.M.  I remember my biggest worry at the time was how the new baby would affect our 13-month-old child at home.  Would they like each other?  Would anyone in my family ever sleep again?  It was all ... Read more

By Tom I won’t apologize for being an avid golfer. I caught the bug many years ago. It’s in my bloodstream. I’ll never lose it. I love being outside in open space away from the rat race of everyday life. It gives me time to myself, alone with my tho... Read more

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