The Adult Down Syndrome Clinic at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital is collaborating with members of the NADS PAC program to produce a new series of health-related videos.

The first two videos in the series are now available!

Hydration Video

Eating at a Healthy Rate

Information from the Adult Down Syndrome Center’s Facebook Page about the video series:

One of the areas of research and education we are focusing on is the use of videos to encourage participation by people with Down syndrome in their own health promotion. This is based on our tenets of health promotion:
–Living longer and healthier lives is an active process.
–Adolescents and adults with Down syndrome can and should be encouraged to participate in their own health promotion
–It occurs in the office
–It occurs in the home, at work, in recreational activities

We are developing and studying the use of videos as a health promotion/patient education method. (Please see our recent post inviting people with Down syndrome to participate in a study to assess use of videos in patient education for people with DS).

Our videos are designed to be used by an individual or to encourage discussion in a group of people with Down syndrome.”

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