By Grandpa Aldo

Let me tell you all about my granddaughter Julia!!!!! Since the day that she was born, 18 years ago, Julia captured my heart completely, and she will always and forever be a very, very special person in my life. Describing Julia for me is very easy… She is the most loving and caring young lady that you will ever meet, thoughtful, respectful toward everyone (especially older people like myself) and she is loved and admired by everyone that comes to know her. She loves dancing (she does that quite well), music and moves, but most of all, she adores spending quality time with her family and her many friends.

Recently we vacationed together with her family in Florida and we had a wonderful time! A few months ago, I had back surgery, and it’s hard for me to walk. Julia knows that and she took care of me with such tenderness… She would hold my arm to help me walk, helped me up and down stairs and hurried to get me a chair when she saw I was tired… What a wonderful girl my Julia is!!!!!

Thank you sweetheart for all the love you give me and for all the happiness you bring to me and the whole family. I’m so proud of you and so proud and privileged to be your “Nonno” that loves you so much.


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