Jennifer Friedland Moments after I delivered my first born, Sam, and after the nurses measured him, weighed him, cleaned him, and swaddled him, my husband, Dave, brought him to me. I was elated. While Dave was holding him at my bedside, I looked up at Sam... Read more


By Jackie If I could choose only one word to sum up Gina, my daughter with Down syndrome, it would be “joy”!  I know that it might sound strange to choose the word “joy” to describe a child with a disability, but I choose to focus on the joy she ... Read more

By Marianne Tyler was born January 30, 1999 at 12:05 A.M.  I remember my biggest worry at the time was how the new baby would affect our 13-month-old child at home.  Would they like each other?  Would anyone in my family ever sleep again?  It was all ... Read more

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