By Grandpa Aldo Let me tell you all about my granddaughter Julia!!!!! Since the day that she was born, 18 years ago, Julia captured my heart completely, and she will always and forever be a very, very special person in my life. Describing Julia for me is... Read more

By Grandma Shirley After raising three sons of our own and then having the thrill of two darling grandsons, we anxiously awaited the arrival of a third grandchild. Just thinking maybe it might be a girl—what would our family do with a girl? Then the cal... Read more

Nuestro Programa de Apoyo a los Padres provee voluntarios entrenados para  ayudar y guiar a los padres de recién nacidos diagnosticados con síndrome de Down. Todos nuestros voluntarios son padres de niños con síndrome de Down. Ellos les proporcionan ... Read more

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