White rabbits flood the streets, As more dance to the ground. It sparkles like crystals, The snow in: White Winter. It’s the holiday season, Red, green, blue, white lights shine. Families and friends get close, In the White Winter. Laughing kids are thr... Read more

One bright sunny day, The birds are singing. People are talking, The grills are flaming. One bright sunny day, All the food is out. Games are all about, All the kids do shout. One bright sunny day, We’re out at the park. Nature comes to play, Soon it wi... Read more

The shining summer sun, Plants, flowers, trees fully back. All in full bloom, what a sight. This is Simply Summer. Kids smiling, running around, Run, bike, sports and more. Swimming through a lot to do, This is Simply Summer. Outside parties and events, S... Read more

The snow is melting, Green grass comes back. Flowers start to bud, This is Simply Spring. Trees start to bud, Birds return from south. The rain season starts, This is Simply Spring. Winter items put away, People prepare; seasons change. As winter goes awa... Read more

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