Anne Reinertson

WOW the ENTIRE school was cheering for our Regan!

The world is changing…that is what I truly felt the day Regan came home from Kindergarten all excited to show me what was in her backpack. She helped me open her backpack, and there it was, her 1st award. I will never forget the excitement on her face and the note from her teacher explaining that Regan won the Citizenship Award at school. She was given this award by her principal during the school assembly in front of the ENTIRE elementary school. I asked her about it and she put her little hands over her ears and said ‘TOO LOUD.’ I got goose bumps as tears fell down my cheeks. WOW the ENTIRE school was cheering for our Regan! Who cares that she has Down syndrome; she is being seen just like any other child at her school. For all those parents, teachers, self advocates, therapists and everyone who advocates for our children, this was it, the movement that they helped create. This would have not happened 30 years ago. Not only was Regan in school with her typical peers but receiving this award for outstanding citizenship and exemplary behavior! She earned this. I truly believe that on that day, at least one child looked at Regan differently as she walked up to shake the principal’s hand to receive this award. It opened EVERYONE’S eyes to the possibilities that lie ahead for Regan. Most importantly it showed Regan that she can achieve GREAT things in her life.


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