Filmmaker Rachel Dretzin adapts author Andrew Solomon’s bestseller Far From The Tree into a beautifully crafted documentary that tells the stories of families raising exceptional children who not only learn to deal with their challenges but also find profound meaning in doing so.  These parents have a lot to teach us about the depths of love as they confront conditions such as Down syndrome, autism, and dwarfism. The film serves to challenge ideas of ‘normality’ and dispel fear over what’s perceived as ‘abnormal.’

Far From the Tree is produced by Participant Media, known for groundbreaking films such as Waiting for ‘Superman’ and Food, Inc. in association with Flux Films distributed by Sundance Selects/IFC Films.

“These stories are about the identity of those we meet rather than any illness, disability or sexual disposition. These are stories fundamentally about how love enables families, when coupled with steadfast determination, to overcome their pain and the stigma they may feel; and it is about how individuals can come to accept themselves, to have a good life – a life with dignity.” HuffPost

“The film is transcendent. All of its deeper messages aside, it is simply great storytelling. It puts us in worlds we don’t want to leave with people we want to spend more time with… Far From the Tree will stir a reexamination of who or what we see as broken or disabled. The litmus text of able-ness we so readily apply to others might better be turned on our collective inability to celebrate and embrace difference.” Mark Greene, Sr. Editor, The Good Men Project

“It’s a book everyone should read … there’s no one who wouldn’t be a more imaginative and understanding parent — or human being — for having done so.” – The New York Times Book Review


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