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“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.”

Bowl-A-Thon Report

The 21st Annual NADS Bowl-A-Thon was a success again this year because of the efforts of the many families and friends who supported the event.

Thank you to everyone who collected pledges to achieve this success. We especially want to recognize the following four bowlers for their outstanding efforts in collecting and turning in pledges by the April 9th deadline.

Chris Hebein $11,030
Matthew LaChapelle $6,400
Angie Picchi $6,000
Stefan Xidas $2,580

We would also like to acknowledge these bowlers for their efforts in collecting pledges:

Pledges over $2,000 - Monte Luzadder, Adam Sekula, Tom Tubergen

Pledges over $1,500 - Dick Doremus, Laura Pelos, Gina Rotondi

Pledges over $1,000 - Dan Bak, Sarah Bak, Joe Clayton, Ross Goodfellow, Margaret Halperin, Dana LaChapelle, Jack Luzadder, Carolyn Maddock, Matt Maddock, Tim Nemec, Diana Pehas

Pledges over $500 - Michelle Anderson, Tom Benco, Carina Borst, Johnny Damme, Dawn Duesler, Miles Evans, Jeff Fischer, Sherilyn Genin, Nicholas Gomboz, Alex Healy, Phil Houk, Tim Kelly, Jenny Kim, Patrick McCarthy, Bob Olson, Joel Spenadel, Erik Stelk

NADS would like to thank everyone who supported the Bowl-A-Thon.s