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“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.”

Teen Entrepreneur

My name is Zach Wincent and I am a teenager. I am writing to tell you about myself and a project I have started. I am sixteen years old and go to St. Charles North High School. I am studying math, writing for a newsletter and trying jobs around school. I am in the Peer Leader program.

My mom and I started a business. My “X-Press Yourself” company will help me learn about business, like my dad. Our idea is cool — students get to sell wristbands and raise money for their class or group. Lots of students can wear different wristbands to show how they feel. Some of our wristbands say: “I CAN”, “INCLUDE”, “DREAM BIG”, “TEACH/INSPIRE” or “NEVER QUIT”. My first order came from our middle school bookstore.

I am in charge of putting the orders together and shipping. Then we go to the bank to deposit the money. My brother and sister helped me to choose colors and my mom helped me with the sayings.

I like my job and hope you will tell others about my business. It is something I really want to do. Other schools and teens may want to do this too. You can visit our web site to learn more: www.OToutcomes.com.

Thank you,

Zach Wincent/Idea Guy

Office: 630-584-7030