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“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.”

A Jack of All Trades: Andrew Williams

Sharon Murphy

As the proud aunt of my darling and bright 4 year old niece with Down syndrome, I often wonder about her future, how her life will be, where she will work, who her friends will be, etc. These are pretty much the same things I wonder for my own children! For an example of true success, which includes doing what you love and loving what you do, we need to look no further than Andrew Williams as a shining example of such success.

We both work for the same company, Moore Wallace (an RR Donnelley Company). Andrew works in one of our manufacturing facilities, the top quality label producing facility in St. Charles, IL. We are proud to say that Andrew is now celebrating his 15th Anniversary with the company!

Andrew is 33 years old and was born in Burlington, Canada, just outside Toronto. He is the son of Sharon and Richard Williams, and has a younger brother, Christopher. The family moved to the US just as Andrew was starting his high school years. He attended Naperville North High School and graduated in 1988. That year, he was hired by Lampro (now Moore Wallace) and began work with clearing the press areas after jobs and then quickly began to work the complex jobs of filing the printing plates (tedious!).

Throughout the years, other jobs have included Color Proofing (matching inks), Screen Reclaiming (removing the inks from the screens), and now he excels in the packaging area (involving re-boxing all types of configurations of product into their proper containers, etc.) There he has proven to be extremely accurate and efficient, a fantastic employee! These tasks have to be done accurately for the proper recycling of valuable production components such as dies, plates, proofs and screens and he does it perfectly!

One co-worker, Bryan Hensley, Pre-Press Group Leader, notes “Everyone enjoys working with Andrew. When you tell Andrew what job you need him to perform and how to do it, you can count on Andrew to stay on task and perform the job with the attention to detail and quality you expect. And if you forget to watch the news, Andrew can give you the five day weather forecast on the spot.”

Andrew frequently goes to lunch with another co-worker, Russ Lambert, our Plate Coordinator. Russ notes ”I have known Andrew for ten years and Andrew always remembers the month and year co-workers started their jobs. Andrew is a good, hard-worker and completes the job he is asked to do”

In addition, Mike Berringer, Production Foreman, says, “I would like to comment on Andrew and his 15 years of dedicated service that he has provided to this facility. I have only worked here 7 years now, and can count on 1 hand the number of days Andrew has missed. That is a huge credit to him as an employee! Andrew is the one person in this plant that I can guarantee to walk in at the start of his shift with a smile on his face and leave at the end of day with that same smile. I know that he also enjoys reading, because I often see him with a book of some sort. He enjoys traveling, and every trip there is a post card in the lunchroom from him addressed to everybody at the plant (as there is currently) from his vacation. We are all jealous!”

The photo you see here is of Andrew with Russ Lambert showing off some of the fine packing work he has done. Thank you to Theresa Lady for taking the photo of them and for her, Russ, Mike and Bryan’s help with this article!

Andrew lives in his own apartment with a roommate. He works from 7am to 3pm 5 days a week - full time. His mother drops him off in the morning and picks him up in the afternoon. He was involved with Special Olympics when he was younger, but today he has hobbies such as swimming, biking, walking the Riverwalk in downtown Naperville with friends and family, going to the movies, going out to dinner and spending time with his girlfriend Susan whom he met back in high school.

When I asked Andrew what his philosophy on life was, he said, “My life is doing pretty good!” We all should be lucky enough to say that and mean it. Now that is success!

Thank you, Andrew, for being who you are. You are a shining example of what we should all aspire to be.

NADS News, May, 2006