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“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.”

Dr. Dennis McGuire Leaving Adult Down Syndrome Center

Sheila Hebein,
NADS Executive Director from 1979–200

I have known Dennis McGuire since 1988 when he was working on his PhD at UIC. At that time NADS developed a fellowship at UIC and Dennis became our Fellow. Early on, he worked with our families in their homes and he also visited adults with Down syndrome when problems arose in work settings and sometimes in schools.  Through Dennis’ work we realized that many of the problems our adults were experiencing also required medical treatment and, therefore, we pursued the development of a clinic that would serve the medical and psychosocial needs of adults with Down syndrome. 

We were blessed when Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge agreed to serve our adults and the Adult Down Syndrome Center (ADSC) opened in 1990. Dr. Brian Chicoine became the Medical Director and Dr. McGuire became Director of Psychosocial Services. They have been quite a team ever since.

So, this moment of Dennis’ departure from the ADSC is bittersweet for us– bitter because Dennis has been an important thread woven with love into the tapestry that is the Adult Down Syndrome Center and we will miss his presence, his insights and his gentleness in the daily life of the ADSC. Sweet because he is now in a position to spend more time working with parents and professionals in small group settings. This will provide him an opportunity to share the valuable lessons of life he has learned from teens and adults with Down syndrome and their families at the Adult Down Syndrome Center.

Dennis has learned that individuals with Down syndrome have a host of unique and interesting behavioral characteristics such as self-talk, set routines or “grooves,” visual (photographic-like) memory and sensitivity to others. He has written articles on Groves and Self-Talk and other articles that have great value to parents and professionals. He also co-authored with Dr. Chicoine, 2 books published by Woodbine House, Mental Wellness in Adults with Down Syndrome and The Guide to Good Health for Teens and Adults with Down syndrome.

Please see the attached brochure, which describes next steps for Dennis and it also contains his phone number and e-mail address.

All those involved in NADS salute Dennis for his wonderful contributions to the Adult Down Syndrome Center.  We also thank him for the excellent presentations he has given throughout the U.S. and in other countries as well, but we especially thank him for being the best FELLOW that any organization could hope for.