Shattered rainbow dances down, It’s like a ballet of color. Like walking on stained glass, Crinkling leaves under our feet. Sunlight shines; leaves become bright, Sunlight fades; bright fades away. Between the colors and shades, It is an Artful Autumn. ... read more

Nuestro Programa de Apoyo a los Padres provee voluntarios entrenados para  ayudar y guiar a los padres de recién nacidos diagnosticados con síndrome de Down. Todos nuestros voluntarios son padres de niños con síndrome de Down. Ellos les proporcionan ... read more

Antes de empezar a explicar lo que significa nuestro nietecito, quiero darle las gracias a la Asociación Nacional de Síndrome de Down (NADS)  por darnos la oportunidad de poder expresar nuestras experiencias y por su apoyo a padres, abuelos y familia e... read more

This below list of Grandparent support suggestions will help you provide assistance to your son or daughter who is parenting a child with Down syndrome. Every family will have unique support needs, so please do not hesitate to contact NADS if you have any... read more

By Nancy My husband and I went to our 20-week ultrasound expecting to get a few pictures of our first child and then head off to the airport for a weekend away. We never made it to the airport… We spent the next 8 hours being shuffled from exam room to ... read more