Define Me No More, I define myself. No one can label me, No one puts a sign on me. Define Me No More, Anyone who tries. Since I am just myself, Only I can change myself. Define Me No More, For I am normal. Since my life is normal, I will continue to live.... read more

Look up there at the blackness, The unknown glares back at you. Silver glowing moon is shown. The moon and stars in sight. Look, the streetlights glow is dim, Set against the darkened sky. Lively creatures just dance, They are enjoying life. Look out ther... read more

Hearts of Glass, a JenTen documentary film for Slow Food in the Tetons, is a one-hour, broadcast-quality film currently in production. Six years in the development, Vertical Harvest is unique in the world. The three-story greenhouse is located on a sliver... read more